8. oktobra skolas diena | October 8th School Day


Šī sestdiena, 8. oktobris, ir kārtējā skolas diena.

Atzīmējiet datumu:

15. oktobrī svinēsim Miķeļus. Sīkaku informāciju šo sestdien pārunās ar bērniem klašu audzinātāji.

Un šī ziņojuma beigās ir informācija par interesantu iespēju! Lūdzu skataties tālāk.

Uz redzēšanos skolā!

Jūsu,Krišjānis Barons


This Saturday, October 8th, is a regular school day.

Save the date: 

Next Saturday, October 15th, we will be celebrating Miķeļi, with a fall harvest festival. Students will be receiving more information from their homeroom teachers this Saturday.

Please see below information about an interesting opportunity!


Krišjānis Barons

From: FORTÉ Casting <casting@forte-entertainment.com>
Date: Tue, Oct 4, 2022 at 2:10 PM
To: FORTÉ Casting <casting@forte-entertainment.com>


Earlier this month, we sent you the announcement that we are casting for the second season of the documentary series, HOW I GOT HERE.

HOW I GOT HERE is a brand new TV series, where North-American-born Gen Z’s (age 15-25yrs) embark on an adventure of a lifetime as they travel with a parent(or grandparent) back to their country of origin. They immerse themselves in special customs, local activities and reunite with important people from their parent’s past.

In Season One, we traveled to countries like Slovakia, Zambia, Mexico, Serbia, Israel,
Zimbabwe. Our goal is to celebrate each participating parent and child and their unique heritage.

We hope that you will help us get the word out. This is an incredible opportunity to gain new understanding on an all-expenses-paid, once in a lifetime trip.

The DEADLINE for applications is TUESDAY, OCTOBER 11TH AT 11:59PM.

Attached you will find a revised Flyer and social media Ad with this new information highlighted.

The application to apply plus testimonial videos from season one participants can be found on our website; www.fortecasting.com. Check it out!

Everyone has a unique story of how they got here. We’d love to hear yours.



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