Student Behavior Guidelines

KBLS students behave respectfully toward the school, school staff, students, supervisors, and parents.

Our students:

  • Are kind and do not harm others. They are for others at school.
  • They do not waste school materials. They listen to teachers and supervisors.
  • They are polite to teachers, parents, guests and other students.
  • They arrive on time, homework completed and ready to learn.


Our school language is Latvian.

Our students:

  • Make every effort to speak, write and read Latvian in class, at events, in between classes and during free time.
  • Ask for help to say something in Latvian if they don’t know how. remind other students to speak Latvian.

KBLS is a safe school.


Our students:

  • Do not call others names or put them down.
  • Do not hit, kick or push others. do not touch other students’ possessions without permission.
  • Tell their teachers or principals if they see someone doing something dangerous.
  • Do not go out during breaks without a teacher.
  • Play during recess only where there is supervision.
  • Do not leave school property without permission and leave only with other adults if they have their parents’ permission.
  • Notify their teachers or the principals if they have arrived late or need to leave early. The school community follows the behavior guidelines and help others follow them.


If guidelines are not followed:

  • Students may be reprimanded. their behavior may be discussed with the teacher or supervisor. students may have privileges revoked.
  • Students may be brought to the principals’ office.
  • The principal may call the student’s parents. the principal may meet with the teacher and students’ parents.
  • The student may be expelled.
  • The principal may find another appropriate solution to students’ misbehavior.